Akiko Hada, The Fall of a Queen or the Taste of the Fruit to Come, 1991, Videostill
© Akiko Hada, 2021i

Fringe of the Fringe


A conference that seeks to bring together queer-feminist and antiracist strategies for archiving and cataloging audiovisual documents of punk, postpunk, new wave, and industrial. With academic and artistic contributions by Afas e.V., Bildwechsel e.V., Dara Birnbaum, Dagmar Brunow, Meryem Choukri, Dyana Dyamond, Bettina Flörchinger, Tiffany Florvil, grapefruits, Marina Gržinić, Akiko Hada, Jack Halberstam, Angela McRobbie, Thomas Love, Norbert Meissner / Abwärts, Wolfgang Müller, Soraya Nsingi, Rabe Perplexum, Jennifer Ramme, Marion Schulze, Strafe für Rebellion, Maria Katharina Wiedlack, Jonathan X, Hermoine Zittlau  and many more. 

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